Our CEO was featured in Essence and talks about how her passion helped her start a sailing team in Africa.

Ayme Sinclair never thought she’d fall in love with competitive sailing, but that’s exactly what happened after a friend invited her out on a vessel.

“I’d always been into boating and the water and making it a priority when I travel, so when my friend invited me to come out and sail, I was like, ‘I’d love it!’ It was my first time on a sailboat and I got on and fell in love with it,” she recalls.

After having such a wonderful time, Sinclair decided to take a class through the American Sailing Association to get certified in the basics so she could learn more about the sport and be able to rent a boat. When a coworker invited her to tag along one evening for race night, she decided to try it out even though she still didn’t have much experience.

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